Maximum: 17 pax

22 Regular Seats + 7 Center Seats

33 & 35 Regular Seats

Available Rentals

14-15 Regular Seats (+ Jump seats)

GRAND VIDEOKE *Voice Command*

A Collection of more than 6000 SONGS!

3,772 English Songs + 2,297 OPM Songs

(278 Real Sound | 1,210 Chorus | 130 Multiplex)

Tourist/Mini Bus          For Rent

Coaster For Rent

Van Rental, Van For Rent, Foton View Traveller for Rent
VIP Van, Hyundai H350,

Van For Rent


​​"Take nothing but PICTURES, leave nothing but FOOTPRINTS,kill nothing but TIME, burn nothing but your CALORIES.
​Add nothing but the the love for nature and the pleasure of our enjoyment. And bring nothing but good MEMORIES."

​VIP Van For Rent

Magic Sing For Rent

25 Regular Seats + 8 Center Seats

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