​​"Take nothing but PICTURES, leave nothing but FOOTPRINTS,kill nothing but TIME, burn nothing but your CALORIES.
​Add nothing but the the love for nature and the pleasure of our enjoyment. And bring nothing but good MEMORIES."

Wind Mill in Pililla Rizal is the tallest Wind Mill Tower in the Philippines with 80 M in Height and it is also the widest in Rotor Diameter with 100 M. Each Blades has 50 M in length. This blades can rotate to 15 - 20 rotation per minute which can generate 2.5 MW per year.

Travel with Purpose

We invite each and everyone to join us in our advocacy.

To Clean Tourist Spots here in the Philippines that is being destroyed by tourist who doesn't know how to appreciate Mother Nature. Tourist that don't have discipline. Tourist Spot Destroyed by vendors who didn't think one of the reason why they earn, why they sales go up!

To teach locals to Love what they have, they must be the one who will protect it.

Be a Model, Be a Inspiration, 

Travel, Clean, Teach, Help, Have Fun and Enjoy.

Change the way we Travel.

Take Nothing But Pictures                         Kill Nothing But Time
Leave Nothing But Foot Prints                  Burn Nothing But Calories

Wag Magkakalat ha....

Once you get there don't forget to buy the egg of Peter....

...... I mean the Quail Egg he sells. He's doing it for a Living. It will be a big help for him and his family.

While picking some trash on the area, kids are following us and starting to help us picked those trash. With their help are job was finished immediately.

​And then we met Peter a Tour Guide in Wind Farm Pililla Rizal. You'll learn a lot from him.

My 2nd time was with my High School Classmates. We went there not only just for fun, sight seeing, picture taking, relaxing. We went there with purpose. We want to give message to other tourist and vendors who visits this tourist spots and other tourist spots. We clean the area that is now slowly being polluted by plastic garbages.

So what we do? We picked those plastic trash and teach kids who sells quail eggs that they should be the one who is responsible in cleaning the area. Because if time comes it will be polluted by trash and it will not be pleasant for tourist to visit the Wind Mill and it might lose them some earnings.

Wind Farm (Wind mill) Tower Pililla Rizal

I've visited the Wind Farm (Wind Mill) Tower of Pililla, Rizal last 17July and 18July 2015.

My first visit was with my wife.  It was a unplanned visit. We just attended a client meeting in SM Angono Rizal and later decided to go to Wind Mill. From SM Angono to Pililla Rizal. It is less than 45mins motorcycle ride (SYM Bonus X). We take the Cainta - Taytay - Angono -  Binangonan - Morong - Baras - Tanay - Pililla Route.

When we arrived, We're so amazed of the windmill. When we saw it. It's like a big Spaceship from outer space, Monster UFO, Transformers, a super giant electric Fan. You will also welcome by many kids selling Qual Eggs. They will not leave you until you buy from them. But don't worry they're just sell for a living. 

If you have questions about this wind mill. Don't hesitate to ask this kids. They are knowledgeable about this turbines. 

At first all I know is that there are only 25 Towers but this kids corrected me. 

Coming Back Home we take the Pililla - SampaloC Tanay - Paenaan - San Jose - Pinugay via Marcos Hiway Road going to Cubao, Quezon City.

Wind Farm Wind Mill Pililla Rizal

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